Friday, October 1, 2010

Crazy and Right: September 30, 2010

I have been reflecting about the comment that Lupita made to me, which I included in my first blog post from this trip: “Estoy loca por creer en Dios. Who believes in a being you can’t see?” That statement struck me for some reason as being profound and insightful, but it has taken some time for me to come to some understanding as to why. 

Many “greats” in history have been labeled “crazy.” The first one that comes to mind is Jesus. He was very counter-culture, right? Choosing the least in society to achieve great tasks, healing social outcasts, telling stories that turned societal norms upside-down. Some might say Lupita is crazy for dedicating her life, not just her career, but her life to serving children who have no safe haven but the one that she provides them. Some might say that Pete and I are crazy for giving up familiarity, comfort, income, etc. to live here in the company of these amazing people. There are countless other people in my life who I love that could be considered crazy for one aspect of their lifestyle or another. 

When I was sharing these thoughts with Pete today, he responded: You have to be a little crazy to make change. Being “normal” means accepting and following social norms as they are. 

I realized Lupita’s comment has taught me that you can be crazy and also be right. Sometimes you must be considered crazy in order to live right.

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